Happy Weekend

It’s Friday and that means I’m in the kitchen prepping for another fun tasting tomorrow. I was hesitant to book out too far in advance last year and have really enjoyed the slower pace that this year has brought. Much more time to focus on each order and to really appreciate the details.

While you’re here I thought I would share some of the things that have caught my eye and interest over the last few weeks. One of them was actually an impulse buy at 1am and I bet you won’t have a hard time guessing which one it was.



These oven mitts are so amazing and I am trying my best to justify getting a few of them. I always think in the back of my mind, “I could make that!” and then never do. These would save my burned forearms and be like a cozy hug every time I take something out of the oven. Not to mention they sure would make a great Valentine’s Day gift…



Last week I read The Rules of Magic and I really, really loved it. Not only was it a quick read but it was captivating and I loved the characters. The best part is that there is a follow-up (The Rules of Magic is actually a prequel to Practical Magic) so I don’t have to quit the characters just yet.



If you find yourself reading the book you might also become oddly obsessed with the black soap they make in the book. I don’t want to spoil it, but I am now 100% ready to start making my own.



What can I say, I love gray and I love cake stands. These will be the next additions to the  hoard collection and are already my favorites.



If you guessed that this was my late-night impulse buy then you would be correct! I was spiraling and wondering where the entire day had gone and remembered about this brain dust. I quickly went to the site and bought a jar. As I type this I fully realize that I’m on a slippery slope. I still think I’m a long way from carrying around crystals, but I did mention making my own soap earlier so, it’s really anyone’s guess at this point. I’ll report back if it works!

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