Celebrating your girls

If there is one thing that I am determined to do more of in 2018, it’s have more fun. I’m really swinging for the fences this year, huh?

I hope to show my kids what it means to age with grace while still keeping that youthful spark alive and burning. As I get older I feel it starting to dim with all the stresses that adulthood seems to bring at every turn. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We are a resilient bunch over here, which is something I’m really proud of, but I also want to be fun and crazy and silly and spontaneous. So, that’s what we are going to do. Live our best lives, keep our rooms clean, eat healthy meals and not-so-healthy meals, and stay up too late sometimes. Most importantly, learn to let go and live. Over the last few years we’ve learned that life is always going to feel like it’s gobbling you up. And sometimes it will. But it won’t always feel like that. So take every chance you can to really have fun.

One person that knows this all-to-well is Phuong with Mi Bella Rosa. She is the ultimate work-hard, play-hard example and I just adore everything she touches. I had the honor of whipping up this cute cake to sweeten up the night a bit and absolutely love how she styled it. You can view some of her tips for celebrating the ladies in your life that you treasure on The Rising Tide Society. They’re really good and I know I learned a thing or two about showing those around me how much they mean to me.




Planning, styling, and florals: Mibellarosa Designs, IG: @mibellarosa
Photography: Smith House Photography, IG: @becki___smithhousephoto
Catering: The Foodie Chef, IG: @thefoodiechef
Cake: Buttercup Bakery, IG: @buttercuphouston
Watercolor + Calligraphy Name Cards + Envelopes: Nib and Pixel, IG: @nibandpixel
Holiday Card Art: Nib and Pixel, IG: @nibandpixel
Holiday Card Printing: Shutterfly@shutterfly

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