A New Approach


Just checking in with a few thoughts as I prep for a fun tasting tomorrow. I’ve pulled the serving pieces, prepped the flowers for the table and have cakes in the oven. It’s a very welcome return to our original tastings and I can’t wait to meet the sweet couple tomorrow.




Earlier this week, as the city was thawing (sort of), I got to really stretch my wings and create a cake that was pulled straight from my dreams. What a gift it is to be completely uninhibited and able to just create.

When I think back to when I first started Buttercup I can vividly remember taking every single job that came my way, and being completely flabbergasted that they actually chose me. A dozen cupcakes here, half a dozen cookies there, every single styled shoot (even when they weren’t my style) and not to mention all of the exchanges for potential blog promotion. Oy.






I’ve learned a lot in four years and made a conscious effort to be more selective in the projects I take on. There are growing pains in every business (thankfully!) and through that process I’m always mindful to stay true to my style and more recently, keep my sanity. When you get wrapped up in cake after cake, weekends flying by, so much lost sleep and even more apologies to your endlessly patient family, it’s hard to take a step back.  I’m constantly surprised at a what small part of running a home bakery actually involves baking, because the behind-the-scenes always sneaks up on me. I think there is a bit of wisdom (maturity?) that’s finally starting to take root in me and helping me to stay focused and create some of my best work to date.




I’ve never felt more capable and I hope that confidence will translate into some really amazing projects. Thanks for following along and allowing me to be me.


Behind the scenes shots from a shoot with Maxit, Simon Ly and Kelcie Anton at The West Studios