Baby Sprinkle

A former bride contacted me asking to come up with a small spread for a baby sprinkle she was hosting for a friend. Truth be told, I had know idea what a baby sprinkle was and had to google it! I then fell in love with the idea of a small but thoughtful gathering to celebrate a new baby.

Since it was going to be a small party we decided on a few macarons, mini champagne cupcakes and a trio of baby cakes. After the sweets were dolled up with gold calligraphy and fresh flowers they looked adorable and I couldn't have been happier with how they turned out. The "bebe" topper was inspired by a Martha Stewart hanging display I spotted years ago and it was the first thing that came to mind for these sweet cakes. I think it gave them just the right amount of flair without being over the top.

In an exciting twist, the mama-to-be went into labor the night before the party so instead of enjoying these sweets at the party she will get to try them out at the hospital with her new babe at her side. So sweet!

  • IMG_4024.JPG

Cake flavors:

chocolate cake with raspberry jam filling and raspberry buttercream

raspberry rose cake with pistachio mousse filling and vanilla buttercream

sweet almond cake with apricot filling and vanilla buttercream

vanilla bean macarons

champagne raspberry mini cupcakes