Growing up as the baker of the family I decided to turn my passion for sweets into a business and in the Fall of 2013 I launched my home bakery, Buttercup. I'm proud to say that this is very much a family run business and I'm lucky to have a wonderful support system full of loved ones that both motivate and push me to follow my dreams.

When I'm not planning my next party or running around with my two little ones, I'm busy in the kitchen testing new recipes and perfecting old ones. Drawing inspiration from just about everywhere, I use quality ingredients to put a modern spin on classic favorites and love that I get to start each day with a bite of something sweet.

At Buttercup Bakery everything is made completely from scratch with lots of love and attention to detail. I use organic and locally sourced ingredients as much as possible to make sure that I am constantly providing you with the freshest sweets possible.

Thank you for stopping by our little space and we really hope you like what you see!


Kristina Guilbeau

photography by Kimberly Chau


Mandy's Story

August 31, 2014 my sister, Amanda Coleman, was in a car accident that she survived with a traumatic brain injury. We are blessed to still have her and every single day that we watch her improve is a true gift from God. If you would like to find out more about her story, or contribute to her rehabilitation fund, please see her Go Fund Me page.

We are a strong family and only growing stronger by the day. Buttercup was a dream that Mandy and I shared and I can't wait for the day when she is by my side in the kitchen creating all the beautiful desserts we always imagined.

Thanks for your support and patience as we are still adjusting and focused, above all else, to helping Mandy get her life back.

Go ,Team Mandy!


Buttercup Bakery is a home bakery the operates in accordance with the Texas Cottage Law. We are located in Spring, TX near the intersection of HWY 249 and Louetta Rd.