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weddings & special events

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We would love nothing more than to create that very special treat for you to share with those who mean the most. Whether your event is large or small we would love to hear from you! Simply fill out an order request form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Mandy's Story

August 31, 2014 my sister, Amanda Coleman, was in a car accident that nearly took her life. Along with the many injuries she suffered, the most serious was a traumatic brain injury that left her in a coma for more than 5 months. We are blessed beyond measure to still have her here with us and every single day that we get to watch her improve is a true gift from God. If you would like to find out more about her story, or contribute to her rehabilitation fund, please see her Go Fund Me page.

We are a strong family and only growing stronger by the day. Buttercup was a dream that Mandy and I shared and I can't wait for the day when she is by my side in the kitchen creating all the beautiful desserts we always imagined.

Thanks for your support and patience as we are still adjusting and focused, above all else, to helping Mandy get her life back.



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Mark your calendars! Thursday July, 28 I am lucky enough to be teaming up with @bhldn to spend an evening learning all about diamonds and trying on beautiful @ilacollection rings! #cityviewcatering will be serving up delicious snacks, @karbachbrewing will be sampling their brews, @flowervibestx will be showing off some her beautiful designs and I will be serving some of my favorite and most popular wedding flavors! As an added bonus I'll be available to chat about design, flavor combinations and other insider advice that I offer during tastings. It's going to be a really fun (and delicious!) night that you won't want to miss! You can rsvp in the link in my profile and I hope to meet some of you there!

When these amazing cyclists pedaled to the finish line party there was not a dry eye in sight. The feat they were able to accomplish, all in the hopes of helping my sister and raising awareness for families like mine, was too much to comprehend. Or at least too much for a heart to handle without overflowing. We will never be able to fully thank the riders and doctors in this picture. Nor will we be able to thank that big room that was filled to capacity with loved ones, new and old, that came out to support us. They are all constant fixtures at our side, both physically and in prayer, and it's given Mandy the strength and hope to keep fighting for a better tomorrow. Thank you to everyone that showed up, contributed, prayed, listened, cycled, photographed and made Saturday the best day of our lives. I hope that you all know how much it meant to us, even if our thank you's only just scratch the surface of our gratitude. A special thank you to the cyclists, who live a world away and didn't even know Mandy, but look to her as their inspiration. She is our hero, too. And lastly, the winner of the buttercup gift card was Kathy Gonzalez who was in attendance at the party! Looks like we have a wedding to plan!!!